Area Capacity Type

Mango Lawn and/or additional areas (view pictures)

600-1500 Beautifully laid out outdoor area for Weddings, Exhibitions, Training Programs, etc

Resort Banquet and attached Lawn
(view pictures)

350-650 Combined Banquet and Lawn for Weddings, big Conferences/ Meetings, Cocktail Parties, Mandap etc

Cottage Lawn
(view pictures)

150-250 Rounded enclosed Lawn area for smaller gatherings, such as Birthdays, Ring Ceremonies, Tilak Ceremonies, etc

East end Banquet
(view pictures)

80-120 Banquet for Conferences/ Meetings and smaller gatherings like Birthdays, Kitty Parties, Tilak/ Ring Ceremonies, etc

West end Banquet
(view pictures)

30-50 Banquet for Conferences/ Meetings, Kitty Parties, Birthday Parties, etc